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In 2020, the use of myVieCuri patient portal has grown significantly. In January and February this year, another 35% of patients logged in to their own portal to access their own medical data. During the corona crisis, it rose to more than 90%. At the moment the use of myVieCuri is approximately 50%. This makes VieCuri one of the top in the Netherlands.

In March and April, the number of patients at the outpatient clinics fell dramatically due to the corona crisis. Appointments were canceled, moved or converted to a telephone consultation. This has resulted in, among other things, that almost all patients (and / or their loved ones) looked in myVieCuri in April to see their medical data.

Structurally high use of myVieCuri

Regular care has gradually started at VieCuri from May. The login percentage of myVieCuri remains high and is still 44% in August. There are more and more telephone consultations for which the patient views the appointment details in myVieCuri. In addition, the patient is increasingly referred to myVieCuri in various ways. This is reflected in the figures.

Better informed

MyVieCuri patient portal gives the patient digital access to his / her own medical data and correspondence between the general practitioner and the specialist. This allows the patient to prepare for a meeting with the specialist and he / she is better informed about their own health. The patient is better informed and is more in control of his / her own care process.

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