Usbek & Rica – Work is health?

On the other hand, feeling useful, interacting with the outside world is good for morale, anyone who has experienced a period of unemployment, even a very brief one, will tell you! It is therefore not the work that is harmful to health but the conditions in which it is performed. Work remains a high place of socialization – 14% of couples form at the office! -, stimulates intellectually and emotionally, brings a social status and, incidentally, money, which makes it possible to ensure his well-being on a daily basis. Based on this observation, the association Live and work differently strives to integrate young adults with autism into ordinary professional life by offering them a living environment designed to enable them to gain autonomy.

Sociologists from Cambridge and Salford Universities have even shown that working has beneficial effects on mental health as early as eight hours of work per week., all the more so if they are chosen!It is therefore not necessary to be zealous to benefit from the benefits of work … Assessing the workload and returning to reasonable schedules seems to be a good start for work to remain healthy. Especially since the feeling of doing a bad job is in itself a creator of stress and therefore pathologies. The reduction in working time also makes it possible to better reconcile personal and professional life and to reduce CO2 emissions. So what are businesses waiting for to ease off? It remains to articulate this idea with economic considerations …

Another avenue to explore: give more independence and therefore flexibility to employees. The massive use of telework to deal with the Covid 19 crisis has proven the effectiveness of this option. He also highlighted the importance of social relations at work, when they are good of course, because 30% of workers report having experienced at least one hostile behavior in the course of their work in the past 12 months. When it is benevolent, the work environment can even be therapeutic. For the association Business and cancer relational quality at work is even more important than any support or support system when people who have had cancer resume their activity. As for the Sisters of Ink association, with its project And after ?!, she uses work as a tool to help women with cancer or in remission regain self-confidence. Exercised with measure in a favorable setting and a peaceful atmosphere, work becomes a source of health, it has been proven!


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