USAP bows against Colomiers

The game between the first two of PRO D2 last season turned to the advantage of the Columérins. Relive the live game.

USAP plays its first real preparation match against Colomiers
Zebulon Still

The Catalans had a good first quarter of an hour but were then dominated by Colomiers. USC wins 21-5, scoring three tries to one.

The live of the match

  • SCORE FINAL: USAP 05 – Colomiers 21
  • 79th: TEST for Colomiers by Fabien Perrin.
  • 75th: Nice rescue of Melvyn Jaminet on a Colomiers counterattack
  • 70th: Red cards for Terry Philippart and Hugo Pirlet. TEST Denied!
  • 70th: Brawl !!! the arbitrators in discussion
  • 70th: ESSSSSSSAIIIIIIIII by Melvyn Jaminet
  • 69th: USAP chooses the scrum
  • 68th: Matteo Rodor victim of a high tackle in the 22 de Colomiers. penalty for USAP and yellow card for Colomiers.
  • 64th: For the first time in the second half, USAP is in Colomiers 22 … but loses the ball quickly.
  • 60th: USAP again at 15
  • 60th: Cool break. After 60 minutes, the USAP is in difficulty and does not pose much concern to Colomiers. The Catalans are still down 14-5.
  • 55th: Another penalty against the USAP …
  • 54th: The USAP tries to react but is again penalized. Colomiers will return to the Catalan camp.
  • USAP 05 – Colomiers 14
  • 50th: TEST for Colomiers. The Columérins pressed on the usapiste line and ended up scoring. The USAP is found in more again at 14, Lucas Velarte receives a yellow card for anti-play.
  • 48th: USAP is again at 15. End of the yellow card for Sadek Deghmache but it is Tom Ecochard who returns to the lawn.
  • 47th: Mike Faleafa replaces Damien Chouly (much applauded by the public)
  • 45th: Kick to follow from Greg Maurino in the 22 of the USAP but the winger can not recover the ball. Still 7 to 5 for USC, Usap suffered at the start of the second half.
  • 43rd minute: Colomiers settles within 10 meters of USAP
  • What a bad start! The USAP misses the ball on the engagement of Colomiers and the center Maurino misses an almost ready-made try. It is Matteo Rodor who makes a tackle (illegal) two meters from the line that prevents him.
  • 9 p.m.: Kick-off of the second half
  • Crowds of the match: 5,483 spectators
  • PART-TIME: USAP 5 – Colomiers 7.
  • 39th: Bad gesture of Sadek Deghmache in a regroup and he takes a yellow card. The USAP is at 14.
  • 37th: USAP returns to 22 COlomiers after a touchdown kick from Volavola.
  • 35th: George Tilsley gives way to Mattéo Rodor. Rodor goes to the opening, Volavola in the middle.
  • 33rd: Always the same scrum … to be repeated for the fourth time. Finally, penalty for Colomiers who will take relief and who still leads 7 to 5
  • 31st: Scrum for the USAP 5 meters from the USC line.
  • 30th: After 15 minutes to stammer, the USAP seems to find the thread and returns to settle in the camp of Colomiers. Button on the 22.
  • Thomas Girard turns into a corner: USAP 5 – Colomiers 7
  • 25th: TEST! On his only action of the match Colomiers scored a try. Waël Ponpon scores alone in the corner after a touch and a start behind the forwards.
  • 22nd: mini break at Aimé-Giral. the Catalans lead 5-0 and dominate this meeting but Colomiers holds up in defense.
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Cool break at Aimé-Giral for USAP - USC
Cool break at Aimé-Giral for USAP – USC © Radio France
  • 15 minutes of play and Aimé-Giral’s lawn is already in a very bad state.
  • Ben Volavola missile transformation: USAP 5 – Colomiers 0
  • 14th: ESSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAIIIIII !!! On an attack from Colomiers, Jean-Bernard Pujol recovers a ball which drags on the center line and goes to the test.
  • 12th: yellow cards for Maxime Granouillet (USC) and Quentin Walcker (USAP)
  • 11th: The USAP lacks lucidity in the 22 opponents. Colomiers gets a penalty and can take relief. Some gestures of humor between players … and the first “USAP USAP” in the spans.
  • 10th minute: For 5 minutes, the USAP has been camping in the 40 de Colomiers. New penalty for the USAP which benefits from a new hit near the columérine line. Always 0-0
  • 7th minute: Nice usapiste scrum which recovers a penalty on the 22 of Colomiers. The USAP goes into touch again. The Catalans take the ball but Colomiers defends well and pushes USAP in touch.
  • 6th minute: Penalty for USAP which again finds a touch near the in-goal. The ball in touch is lost by the Catalans.
  • 5th minute: Touch for USAP 10 meters from the start of Colomiers
  • 4th minute: Second scrum and for the second time the USAP is sanctioned.
  • 1st minute: On a columérin kick, Julien Farnoux commits a forward in front of his 22. Melee for Colomiers.
  • 8 p.m .: The two teams are on the lawn. Let’s go !
  • 7:55 p.m.: A few minutes before kick-off, around 5,000 spectators in the stands of Aimé-Giral and the wearing of the mask is scrupulously respected by the spectators.
  • 7.40 p.m .: Aimé-Giral fills up slowly, many supporters are in the colors … it must have been missing!
  • 5.15 p.m .: Team compositions
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USAP team compositions
USAP team compositions

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