USA: Is his own party moving away from Trump? More and more Republican appeals

US presidential election. Republicans are starting to acknowledge Trump’s failure

– It is clear that based on what we know now, Joe Biden is the president-elect and that the handover of power is important for the sake of the country … – Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine told CNN. He called for this process to begin.

DeWine also emphasized that the US leader has every right to assert his case before the American courts.

Asa Hutchinson, GOP governor of Arkansas, made a similar comment on NBC. “I expect Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States,” he said.

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He also expressed his belief that the Democrat’s team should have access to information on public health and national security. “During the transition period, our enemies have the opportunity to take advantage of us, so we want to make sure the transfer of power is smooth,” Hutchinson urged.

The governor of Arkansas positively assessed the president’s Twitter entry in which he wrote on Sunday that Biden won the election. In his opinion, this is “the beginning of recognition” by him of the Democrat’s legitimacy. Trump added in a tweet, however, that “Biden won because the election was rigged”, and in one of the following entries he declared that he was the winner.

US presidential election. Criticism of former Trump associates

John Bolton, a former Republican adviser in the White House, who is in conflict with Trump after leaving the presidential team, also spoke.

“I think it’s very important that Republican Party leaders explain to our voters who are not as stupid as Democrats think that Trump actually lost the election and that his claims of electoral fraud are unfounded,” Bolton said.

US presidential election. Anticipated win of Biden

On November 7, most of the US media assessed that Biden had won the election, and that Trump mathematically no longer has the opportunity to catch up with the Democrat. The US president, however, believes that there were widespread frauds during the election process. His accusations have not been confirmed by state authorities, both Republicans and Democrats.

The US leadership’s lawyers have not yet successfully challenged the election results. On Monday, Forbes reported, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia withdrew their motion to stop certifying state elections on alleged fraudulent activities.

The states should complete the process of certifying their results in the second week of December. The Electoral College is to vote on December 14.

The GSA (General Services Administration) has consistently refused to recognize Biden’s electoral victory. Such a decision is wanted by the team of the former vice-president, for which it would significantly facilitate the administrative work in the transition period and would provide funds for it.

The White House has so far called on at least seven senators of the GOP, including Marco Rubio of Florida, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, and Mitt Romney of Utah. Most Republican MPs take a position similar to that of the White House on elections.

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