USA completely closes the sky with Belarus

USA bans flights to Belarus

The Ministry of Transport has completed the procedure for limiting air traffic with the republic, which began after Minsk intercepted Ryanair.

The US Department of Transportation on Tuesday, July 6, prepared a decree prohibiting the sale of air tickets for flights to and from Belarus. This was reported by the agency TASS.

“Immediately and until the subsequent decree of the ministry <...> the sale of passenger air transportations is prohibited, including air transportations carried out by various companies between the United States and Belarus, “the document says.

At the same time, the decree provides for exceptions for those flights that are carried out “in the national interests of the United States, including for humanitarian reasons or for reasons of national security.”

Thus, the department has completed the procedure for limiting air traffic with Belarus, which began after the interception of the Ryanair aircraft with passengers on board by the authorities of the republic on May 23.

As a reminder, on June 4, the Council of the European Union announced on the introduction of a ban for the use by Belarusian aircraft of the airspace of the EU countries and for their admission to European airports. Coming soon to the member states of the community joined seven more European countries.

Airbase losses estimated in Belarus

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