Usa, agent accused of George Floyd’s death free on bail

WASHINGTON – Derek Chauvin, the policeman accused of killing the African American George Floyd, is free on bail upon payment of one million dollars. The officer had been held since May 31 in solitary confinement at the Oak Park Heights, Minnesota maximum security prison, pending trial.

Floyd’s death, which occurred on May 25, 2020, has sparked a huge protest movement across the United States against police brutality and racism. “I can’t breathe“, I can not breathe, is the phrase that Floyd repeated to Chauvin 20 times for almost 9 minutes before he died, while the agent pressed his knee on his neck. This was confirmed by the transcript of the videos of the” body camera ” policemen who are now accused of his death. When Floyd said to Chauvin, “You’re killing me,” he replied, “Then stop talking, stop screaming. It takes a lot of oxygen to talk. “

Derek Chauvin is charged with second and third degree murder. The ex-agent’s bail was set at $ 1.25 million or $ 1 million with conditions. He was released under certain conditions, according to a document filed with the Hennepin County District Court by the county sheriff, which among others include a ban on working in law enforcement and making direct or indirect contact, via social media. , with the Floyd family. The former agent is also required to deliver any firearms license or permit.

Chauvin pressed his knee to Floyd’s neck as three of his colleagues, Thomas Lane, J. Kueng and Tou Thao, watched. All four agents have been fired and the three are accused of complicity. They are all free after paying a $ 750,000 bail pending trial. The trial date has been set for March 8 but there is a good chance the judge will decide to try them separately.


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