USA: A third dose of vaccine for healthy people is not needed, only for risk groups

Only one person in the village has not been vaccinated. PHOTO: Pixabay

Although antibodies decrease over time, data show that vaccine protection falls from 95% to 85%.

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the drug approval agency, the FDA, have said much more data is needed before a third dose of vaccine can be started. Only a month ago, the two institutions suggested that after reducing the antibodies, it would be good to boost immunity with another “booster”.

At this stage, however, the two agencies recommend a third dose only for adults and people at risk of compromised immunity.

The reason for this reversal is the new data.

Studies show that although antibodies decrease over time as a result of vaccination, protection against hospitalization and death remains high. It decreases on average from 95 to 85%.

U.S. experts say fears that the vaccines will not work after the sixth month have so far not been supported by any evidence.

When hospitalizations and severe infections are observed, it turns out that the vaccinated have good protection.

The WHO also believes that a third dose for healthy people is not necessary and a moratorium is needed on this issue at least until most countries vaccinate 40% of their population.



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