USA. A New Mexico couple have 10 children. The couple are expecting offspring every year

The 36-year-old says she loves being pregnant. – I love to feel how another person grows in me, think about what he will be and choose names – she confessed in an interview with the monthly “Marie Claire”.

The couple can boast of six boys and four girls. Having such a large family is not only a responsibility, but also a considerable financial burden. A married couple sometimes have to give up Christmas gifts for themselves and instead spend money on food and clothes for the children. It was especially hard a few years ago. They just haven’t got used to the hardships of so many offspring yet.

In November 2020, the couple expects another child. It will be the eleventh child of the Rogers family. However, the marriage does not intend to stop there and plans to have even more children. Up to fourteen in total.

(source: Marie Claire)

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