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Usa 2020, Michingan Biden plays everything (weapons permitting) – Corriere.it

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To get out of the nightmare of 2016, when Hillary Clinton lost a state that she was certain she would win by 10,704 votes out of the 4.8 million votes cast, the Democrats of Michigan must bring back to their side unemployed metalworkers and steel workers who, feeling abandoned, then they had not gone to vote or had chosen Donald Trump for his promises to revive the national industry by protecting it with tariffs.

Also here in Detroit, the American capital of the automotive industry, polls give Joe Biden an advantage over the president (49% to 41% according to the latest survey, by 6.5 points in the average of the Real Clear Politics).But nobody considers the game closed, as evidenced by the missions of the two candidates: Trump on Tuesday in the capital, Lansing, and yesterday again in Pontiac, the automotive suburb of Detroit; Biden, who had been here on Thursday, will return today with Barack Obama to Detroit and Flint.

They realized they were wrong, says Ruth, a Ford worker. Four years ago Hillary didn’t even come, she took everything for granted. He was wrong: I didn’t even go to vote. Disheartened, like so many others. Different this time: we have had enough of Trump. Biden? I don’t know if he is honest when he says he will face our problems, but at least for him we exist. It will not be easy, says Debbie Dingell, a Democratic deputy who tries to proselytize in factories and places of social gathering. Uaw alone, the auto union, in Michigan has 130,000 registered workers and 240,000 retirees. The majority with us but I find many who accuse us of having abandoned them. In 2016, Trump only needed to collect 31% among the blue collar workers to win.

In the Detroit area, which has 40% of the state voters, Clinton collapsed: 76,000 fewer votes than Obama won in 2012, a half-turn for African Americans. That is why today Barack will be here with Biden: to give strength to the promises of change of his former deputy, but also to remember that 11 years ago it was the two of them who saved the auto groups from bankruptcy.

To win, Democrats will not only have to push more people to the polls than Trump: they will also have to fight the tough battle over polling polls and the subsequent legitimacy of postal votes that Trump has already said he considers fraudulent. The most alarming protest comes from the far-right paramilitary militias, especially the Oath Keepers, who are very active in this state. Six months ago they besieged the Lansing Capitol to press on the Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, who was attacked by Trump for her anti Covid lockdowns. Then, the recent arrest of a cell that wanted to kidnap Whitmer herself.

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The militiamen want to garrison the polls with weapons in hand. The ban on showing them where you vote, decided by the secretary of state in order not to intimidate the voters, was declared illegitimate by a federal judge. The prospect of militiamen with semi-automatic weapons slung in front of the polling stations is disturbing, but even more insidious will be the action of the armies of controllers of the voting operations fielded by the two fronts: Trump, determined to contest any unfavorable result, has recruited an army 50,000 challenger polls to be distributed in the seats of the key states.

In Michigan alone, the Election Integrity Fund, a Republican nonprofit, will field 500. People like Robert and Clifford, retirees in their seventies – a former employee of General Motors and a real estate agent – convinced that in the past there was fraud by the Democrats and decided, now, to verify everything (by law they cannot speak to voters or touch the records , but they can supervise the tellers): It will be a patriotic ballot: we will contest any irregularity. Which could lead to a flood of complaints to the judiciary that would require postponements (for how long?) Of the officialization of the results.

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