US Women’s Nails Will Be Cut Off The Longest In The World

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

A woman from Texas, United States of America, Ayanna Williams, who owns nail longest in the world and managed to solve Guinness World Records in 2017, will cut nails that have been treated for almost 30 years.

Before cutting his nails this weekend, Williams, who lives in Houston, has a nail length of 34 feet or 7.3 meters. To care for her nails, she needs three to four bottles of nail polish for a manicure.

“With or without my nails, I will still be queen,” Williams said, according to Guinness, as reported CNN.

“My nails don’t shape me, I created my nails!” he stressed.

When declared to have broken the world record, Williams’ nails were almost 19 feet long or about 5.7 meters. Williams often spends two bottles of nail polish and takes 20 hours to do a manicure.

The woman, cut her nails at the Fort Worth, Texas dermatology office. Where the cutting tools in place were used when cutting nails in the 1990s.

According to Ripley’s Believe It or Not !, Williams plans to only grow nails six inches or about 15 centimeters. The franchise company from the United States will display Williams nail clippings at a museum located in Orlando, Florida.

Until now, Williams has not been able to carry out several activities, such as washing dishes and putting on sheets. He wanted someone to replace him with a world record.

According to Guinness World Records, the record for longest nails ever is still held by Lee Redmond. He started growing nails in 1979.

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Length reaches 28 feet or 8.5 meters. However, he lost his long nails in a car accident in 2009.


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