US to Launch Silent Barker Satellite Constellation to Monitor Threats from Russia and China

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The US plans to monitor “threats from Russia and China.” In the coming months, it was decided to launch a constellation of spy satellites Silent Barker into orbit, which will search for and track enemy satellites. Bloomberg referring to the US Space Force.

The Silent Barker satellite network will be located at an altitude of about 35.4 thousand km above the Earth. She will search for objects in space “for the timely detection of threats” from Russia and China in space, the media specifies.

The US Space Force worked with the US National Space Intelligence Agency to build satellites. The Atlas V launch vehicle with satellites is scheduled to launch after July, the exact date has not yet been announced.

Earlier, the United States stated that China has weapons capable of hitting US satellites and allies, and intends to conduct “counterspace operations.” Washington also pointed to “growing threats from Russia and China and the need to counter them.” According to The Wall Street Journal, the US authorities are preparing the military space forces “for a future conflict in space with Russia and China.”

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2023-06-07 05:42:00

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