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“US to deploy drones according to international law regulations”

The United States will continue to send its drones “where permitted by international law”

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu that the United States would continue to fly “where international law allows”, the day after the interception of a US drone over the Black Sea by Russian planes. The Reaper MQ-9 fell into the sea after being hit, according to Washington, by a Russian fighter. Moscow admits the interception of the device but denies any contact and being at the origin of the crash. Lloyd Austin spoke by telephone with the Russian minister and referred to “the recent reckless, dangerous and unprofessional behavior of the Russian Air Force in international airspace over the Black Sea”, said the Pentagon said in a statement. Russia confirmed the call, saying it happened “at the initiative of the American side”. Lloyd Austin warned at a press conference that it is “Russia’s responsibility to fly its military aircraft in a professional and safe manner”.

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