US Takes Notice as Rahul Gandhi is Disqualified – We’re Watching Everything, Says Madhyamam

Washington: The US is on the scene with the response that we are watching everything in Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification. US State Principal Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel responded. The US’s response comes amid growing protests over Rahul’s disqualification.

Judicial independence and the rule of law are indispensable components of democracy. Vedant Patel also said that he is monitoring the progress of Rahul Gandhi’s cases in Indian courts.

We value protecting human rights and freedom of expression. In all countries with bilateral relations, relations with members of the opposition are natural. But he also informed that he has no special interest in it.

Read more:  Sharad Pawar, leader of the Nationalist Congress Party in India, has dismissed the need for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe into Hindenburg Research's report on the Adani Group. He claimed the investigation had already been carried out by a committee set up by India's Supreme Court. He also criticised Congress' push for a JPC and defended the Adani Group, saying they had contributed to India's development. Pawar called for more dialogue and discussion to resolve issues in India's democracy.

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