US soccer players fail with lawsuit for equal pay

The world champions of the American national women’s soccer team failed before a federal court with a lawsuit for the same payment as their male colleagues. This emerges from the published decision of the court in California. However, there will be negotiations in the coming month over the allegations of the women’s national team that they enjoy worse travel conditions and medical support than their male colleagues.

The team sued its own association (USSF) for discrimination last spring. The US soccer players complained primarily that their male colleagues would be paid much better. In addition, the men would have better travel, game and training conditions.

The union of the US men’s team had already demanded after filing the lawsuit: “The players of the US women’s team deserve equal pay and are entitled to enforce this claim in legal proceedings.”

“We will never stop fighting for equality,” wrote star player and pioneer Megan Rapinoe at Twitter after the verdict.

Team spokeswoman Molly Levinson added: “We are shocked and disappointed with today’s decision, but we will not give up our hard struggle for equal pay.” The players are now considering an appeal.

The women’s soccer team in the United States is much more successful than that of men, but is paid significantly less. So far, the women have won the World Cup four times for the USA, most recently last year.

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