US senators support strengthening NATO presence in Baltic region / Article

At the Riga Castle, the President met with Senator Mark Warner, Chairman of the Intelligence Committee of the United States Senate, and three members of the committee, Angus King, Roy Blant and Richard Ber, who have arrived in Latvia.

During the conversation, preparations for the NATO summit in Madrid at the end of June were discussed, where a new NATO Strategic Concept will be adopted.

The President of Latvia has emphasized that the concept must correspond to the current geopolitical situation, when Russia is carrying out military aggression against its neighbors and is grossly violating international law.

It has already been reported that the Baltic States want to increase the presence of Allied forces by providing at least a brigade-sized force with adequate combat support capabilities in place of the current battalion.

The US senators have expressed unwavering support for Latvia as a NATO ally and confirmed the US understanding of the need to strengthen NATO’s presence in the Baltic region.

In addition, Levits reminded that Belarus supports Russia in the war against Ukraine, therefore the strongest sanctions should be imposed on Belarus as well.

The energy security of the Baltic States was also discussed, renouncing Russian imports and preparing for the long-term transition to renewable resources.

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