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US Senator Tesla Deceives Americans

US Senator Edward Markey (Democrat, Massachusetts) believes that Tesla should change the name of the electronic driver assistance system in its cars, as well as make a number of improvements to it. This was stated by the legislator on Saturday following the results of inspections conducted by him and his subordinates.

This is an Autopilot system. Tesla representatives emphasize that this technology is not designed to work without human intervention.

She is an electronic assistant and can adjust the course of the car or use the brakes, but the driver should still keep his hands on the steering wheel and be ready to take control if necessary.

“There are flaws in Autopilot, but I think that the danger can be overcome,” Bloomberg quoted Mark as saying on the Senate Committee on Trade, Science and Transport. As he explained, the name of the system misleads drivers. They give the erroneous impression that driving a car can be fully entrusted to a computer. Changing the name can help fix the problem, the legislator said.

Marks also noted that Tesla should introduce additional features designed to ensure that the driver monitors the road while the Autopilot system is on.

Marks and several other senators from his committee sent a number of inquiries to Tesla in May 2018 in order to obtain information about the electronic assistant system in her machines. In recent years, Autopilot has increasingly been subject to scrutiny and criticism in the United States. Cars equipped with this system have more than once been involved in accidents, including fatal ones.

Earlier, Auto Mail.ru reported that Tesla electric cars can be equipped with loudspeakers and external speakers, with which drivers and passengers of American electric vehicles can reach people on the street. This was announced on Twitter by the head of Tesla, Elon Musk.

It is likely that such an unusual feature will appear on the Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck, the premiere of which caused a stir in the automotive world.

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