US nurse confirmed 8 days after Pfizer’s first vaccination

I can’t get immunity right after getting the vaccine
The second dose is important for immunity risk
Be careful of quarantine until antibodies occur

A male nurse in her 40s who received the first vaccination of a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer in the United States and Bioentech in Germany was infected with Corona 19. Vaccination alone is not safe from the risk of infection, and it is counted as an example showing that attention must be paid to personal quarantine until the final antibody formation. Pfizer vaccine should be given a second dose three weeks after the first dose.

According to ABC, the emergency room nurse, 45, at a hospital in San Diego, Western California, got a Pfizer vaccine on the 18th. I felt some pain in my arm at the time, but I continued working. He felt chills, muscle pain, and fatigue on the 24th and was tested positive on the 26th.

Medical experts also pointed out that the immune effect does not develop immediately after receiving the vaccine. Dr. Christian Ramas, an expert on infectious diseases of the United States, said, “It takes about 10-14 days after the first vaccination to make the antibody.” The second vaccination is particularly important for complete immunity. The preventive effect of the first vaccination is only 50%, which means that the second vaccination is necessary to increase it to 95%. Considering that the incubation period for Corona 19 is up to 14 days, it is also possible that Mr. Matthew was already infected before vaccination. ABC said, “Vaccines are not a panacea. We must follow basic health rules such as keeping distance and wearing a mask.” Reporter Kim Ye-yoon [email protected]

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