US nuclear boat could “fall into the trap” – media

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US nuclear submarine could fall into the “Chinese trap” off the island

The American nuclear submarine USS Connecticut was previously damaged during a mission in the South China Sea.

The US nuclear submarine USS Connecticut could have fallen into a “Chinese trap” deliberately left near Yongxing Island in the South China Sea. About this on Monday, October 11, writes Interfax with a link to the Hong Kong website iNews.

As noted by the journalists, the incident took place on October 2, and the very next day the submarine was removed from the satellite near the Paracel archipelago, about 77 kilometers from Yongsin Island. This piece of land has been under the control of the PRC since 1974, although Vietnam also claims it. There is now a Chinese submarine base and a military airfield.

Also, experts rejected the idea of ​​a collision of a submarine with an underwater relief, because it is well studied.

“Most likely, the submarine collided with a Chinese underwater artificial object recently created near Yongxing Island to counter the approaching enemy forces,” the newspaper said.

According to one version, the US nuclear-powered ship could get close to the island for reconnaissance.

The USS Connecticut with a displacement of 7.5 thousand tons is a fourth-generation multipurpose nuclear submarine of the Seawolf type. Its missile armament is up to 50 Harpoon and Tomahawk missiles, which are launched from torpedo tubes. In addition to combat missions, it also performs reconnaissance functions.

There are only three such submarines in the US Navy. The cost of each reaches $ 8.5 billion at current prices.

We will remind, the American submarine with a nuclear installation during the immersion collided with an unknown object in international waters in the western Pacific.

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