US media detailed Nets 4-for-1 Turner plan, Duou won championship again to help totally free 3 seats and sign a further veteran – yqqlm

Primary title: US media stated Nets 4-for-1 Turner plan, Duou won the championship yet again to assist no cost up 3 seats, and veteran can be recruited once more

On August 31, Nets reporter Alex Schiffer claimed that the Nets would not trade Joe Harris anyway, but no distinct designs were mentioned.

On September 1, Beijing time, community Brooklyn media wrote: “If the Nets want to get an extension on the defensive facet, they need a person to help Ben Simmons. Turner is far better than any fantastic Nets man and has a ideal working experience.His arrival will make the Nets even greater.

For the Pacers, Turner has a agreement expiring and they hope to exchange Turner’s agreement with youthful resources, who can ship them three younger players.

There is not a minimal Curry in this transaction. The Nets despatched Cam Thomas, Sharp, Royce O’Neal and Edwards to consider Myles Turner. This 4 for 1 strategy has revolutionized the development of the Nets once again.

Right after the deal, the Nets’ 15-gentleman roster turned 12: Irving, Curry Jr., Durant, Simmons, Turner, Mills, Sumner, Joe Ha, Clarkston, Morris, Watanabe Yuta, Warren.

Turner is a fantastic 3D center with an regular of 12.4 factors, 7.7 rebounds and 2.8 blocks for each match. He can open up up spaces and defend. The mix of frontcourt defense that he and Simmons have formed will be quite powerful and abnormal, and Nash’s Nets can at last make a defensive technique.

The beginning lineup can be Irving + Curry Jr. / Joe Harris + Durant + Simmons + Turner. Immediately after this transaction, the Nets roster has remaining three additional seats, as young middle Sharp has been sent absent and the Nets could be chasing a new veteran center.

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There are also a quantity of veteran centers in the no cost marketplace: Howard, Harrell, Cousins, Whiteside, etc. can be chosen by the Nets. At the minute, the weakest hyperlink in the Nets is essentially the inside of line.

At the instant, the Celtics have turn into Anthony’s possible upcoming home, but after the Nets made a 4 for 1 transaction on Turner, most likely the Nets will chase the melons again. Immediately after all, Durant enjoys melons.

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