US intelligence predicts that the Russia-Ukraine war will continue to slow down


US intelligence predicts that the Russia-Ukraine war will continue to slow down. PHOTO/Reuters

WASHINGTON – Slowed battle pace Ukraine will continue in the coming months and United States of America (USA) has seen no evidence that Ukraine’s willingness to fight Russia has waned, despite the fact that Moscow’s attack crippled Ukraine’s electricity grid.

Avril Haines, director of national intelligence in President Joe Biden’s administration, also said she thought Russian President Vladimir Putin was surprised his military didn’t achieve more in his war in Ukraine.

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“We’re seeing sort of a reduction in the pace of the conflict and hopefully that’s probably what we’re going to see in the coming months,” Haines said at the annual Reagan National Defense Forum in California on Saturday (3/12/2022), as quoted by Al Jazeera.

According to him, the Ukrainian and Russian militaries will try to repair and replenish to prepare for a counter-offensive after the winter, but there are doubts whether the Kremlin can achieve that goal.

“We are actually very skeptical whether Russia is really ready to do this or not. I think more optimistically for Ukraine in that time frame,” he continued. Haines also said that Putin is starting to realize the challenges facing the military than he is.

“I think he has become more knowledgeable about the challenges facing the military in Russia. But it’s not yet clear to us if at this stage he has the full picture of how difficult they will be. We saw the shortage of ammunition, for morale, supply issues, logistics, the set of concerns they had,” he continued.

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The Atlantic Council, a US think tank, recently said that winter conditions in Ukraine could support Russia’s defensive tactics and allow Russia to bring newly mobilized troops to positions it holds east of the Dnipro River and near Crimea to the south.

“This could be a Russian tactic to enforce a standoff over the winter from a more entrenched position in order to begin rotating newly trained and equipped mobilization forces to the front as spring approaches,” the council said. .

Haines said Putin’s political goals in Ukraine don’t appear to have changed, but US intelligence analysts believe Putin may be willing to tone down his short-term military goals “for a while with the idea that he might return on the matter at a later time”. Date”.


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