US intelligence cracks Wuhan lab data to find origins of Covid

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Intelligence agencies United States of America looking at genetic data from the laboratory Wuhan, which is considered to be the key to uncovering the origin of the corona virus that causes Covid-19.

CNN reported that currently US intelligence has pocketed a giant information catalog containing genetic blueprints of virus samples studied in the Wuhan, China lab, which are believed to be the source of Covid-19.

However, CNN do not know specifically how or when this US intelligence agency gained access to the information.

According to one source in the report CNN, the machines used in the generation and processing of this kind of genetic data are usually connected to a cloud computing-based server (cloud) external. This means that data can be hacked.

After gaining that access, translating this mountain of raw data into usable information is also a challenge, including the computational ability to process it all.

US Intelligence Service Challenge

To translate the data, intelligence services rely on supercomputers at the Ministry of Energy’s National Laboratory, which is a collection of 17 elite US government research institutes.

In addition, the US must also have qualified human resources. Intelligence services certainly need government scientists who are skilled enough to interpret genetic data and can ensure the security of information.

In addition, they must also be able to speak Mandarin, because the information is written in Chinese with a special vocabulary.

“Obviously there are scientists who are clean (of security),” one source close to intelligence told CNN.

“But clean Chinese? That’s a very small possibility, and not just any scientist, but one who specializes. So you can see how hard it all is.”

[Gambas:Video CNN]

However, officials hope this information will help answer questions about the possibility of the virus passing from animals to humans.

Unlocking the mystery is critical to determining whether Covid-19 leaked from the laboratory or was transmitted to humans from animals in the wild.

Investigators, both inside and outside the government, have long sought genetic data from 22,000 samples of the virus being studied at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The data was removed from the internet by Chinese individuals in September 2019. Since then, the Xi Jinping administration has refused to hand over genetic data and other raw data on the origins of the coronavirus to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US.

Doubts of Intelligence Scientists Can Unravel the Mystery of Corona




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