US imposed sanctions on Iranian citizens and companies for using drones

“The US is imposing sanctions on six Iranian UAV proliferation sites. We are firmly committed to countering all of Iran’s threatening activities and those who support them,” the diplomat wrote.

At the US State Department the day before explainedthat we are talking about two Iranian organizations and four people. All of them are associated with the activities of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The US Foreign Office noted that “the IRGC has used and distributed attack UAVs to Iran-backed groups, including attacks on American forces and international shipping.”

In a press release from the US Department of Justice saidthat in the jurisdiction of the United States all the property of the persons subject to the sanctions is blocked, Americans are prohibited from making transactions with these persons or their blocked property. For a deliberate violation of the sanctions regime by foreign financial institutions, they may be “denied access to the US financial system or blocked their property or interests in property.”


In the Middle East, pro-Iranian forces have repeatedly launched drone attacks on American targets.

In June, Iranian General Hossein Salami announced that Iran has unmanned aerial vehicles with a range of up to 7 thousand km., Wrote The Defense Post with reference to AFP.



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