US general calls China for fear of Trump launching a nuclear strike

Washington DC

A top general United States of America (US) was revealed to have secretly contacted China after former president Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election. The US general’s secretive actions were carried out to prevent Trump, who at that time was feared “out of control” from triggering a war with China.

As reported AFP, Wednesday (15/9/2021), US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley reportedly ordered his aides not to act immediately against any steps Trump ordered, including the use of nuclear force.

Milley is said to have contacted a top Chinese general to calm the situation at the time. That’s according to a recent book written by presidential chronicler Bob Woodward and his co-author, Robert Costa. The book is scheduled to be released on September 21.

leading US media, The Washington Post and a number of other media outlets reported that the excerpt from the book ‘Peril’ described Milley organizing the Pentagon and the US intelligence community to reject any steps Trump took to escalate tensions with China or Iran after he lost the November 2020 election.

It was revealed in the book to be released that Milley contacted General Li Zuocheng twice. First, on October 30, 2020, before Trump’s election loss, and second, on January 8, 2021 or two days after Trump supporters attacked the Capitol Building in Washington DC.

The phone call was made by Milley to reassure China that Trump’s anti-China rhetoric at the time could not be construed as military action.

“General Li, I want to assure you that the American government is stable and everything will be fine,” Milley told General Li in an October 2020 phone call, as Woodward and Costa wrote in their book.

“We will not attack or launch any kinetic operations against you,” Milley said at the time.

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