US Federal Judge Investigates Hush Money in Ronaldo Rape Case | NOW

A federal judge in the United States has announced a lawsuit over the hush money paid in Cristiano Ronaldo’s rape case. The Portuguese would have given a woman hundreds of thousands of euros.

Kathryn Mayorga claimed two years ago that she was raped by Ronaldo in a hotel room in Las Vegas in 2009. In the summer of 2019, it became clear that the Juventus attacker would not be charged with rape due to a lack of evidence, but a case is now coming up over the alleged hush money.

According to AP US District Judge Jennifer Dorsey in Nevada recently announced that she would like to hear both sides of the story to find out whether Mayorga was mentally able to reach an agreement on the alleged sum of $ 375,000 in hush money (approximately $ 319,000) .

“A court has to decide whether Mayorga lacked the mental capacity to sign a confidentiality agreement with Ronaldo’s representatives and whether an agreement was ever reached at all,” Dorsey reportedly wrote in her ruling on Sept.

It is not known whether Ronaldo and Mayorga themselves should be present at the trial. The lawyers of both parties have not yet responded. Ronaldo has always denied being guilty of rape; according to the Portuguese, it was sex with mutual consent.


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