US Enforces Immediate Deportation to Illegal Venezuelan Immigrants Reduce Burden on Border Cities | Reuters

The Biden administration this month applied a new measure to immediately deport illegal immigrants to Mexico for immigrants from Venezuela. The photo shows Venezuelan immigrants who cannot enter the country. Taken on October 20, 2022 in Mexican territory near the US border. (2022 REUTERS / Jose Luis Gonzalez)

[デミング(米ニューメキシコ州)20日 ロイター] – Illegal immigration to El Paso, Texas has eased the burden of the border town after new measures this month to repatriate immigrants from Venezuela to the immediate deportation of illegal immigrants to Mexico in response to COVID-19. decided to stop the system of transferring people to other cities.

An El Paso spokesperson said border officials were no longer sending migrants, so they didn’t need to be transported by bus to other cities. Since August, approximately 10,600 illegal immigrants have been transferred to New York and 3,200 illegal immigrants to Chicago.

The Biden administration applies the “Title 42” immediate deportation measure for illegal immigrants introduced by the Trump administration as a countermeasure against the crown for immigrants from Venezuela. According to the Mexican government, more than 4,500 Venezuelan migrants have been sent back to Mexico since the March 12 policy change.

The Biden administration has also launched a new program that would allow up to 24,000 Venezuelans with sponsors in the United States to apply for humanitarian entry by air. Venezuelans who illegally entered the United States, Mexico and Panama were excluded.

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