US elections 2020, live results: Trump conquers Florida, Georgia and Texas in comeback. Now Biden is betting everything on the Midwest

At the start of the ballot, the blue wave seemed to have arrived. But the head start for Joe Biden stopped in front of the comeback of Donald Trump in Florida, Texas e Giorgia. Up to take the lead in Ohio. And now for the Democratic candidate all attention is focused on Midwest. its Michigan, Wisconsin e Pennsylvania, who four years ago chose the president turning their backs on Hillary Clinton. The conquest of two of these states, together with theArizona, could assure him of victory. But the game is completely open, and the Pennsylvania – where, however, he has an advantage Trump – announces that the ballots in the state will end on Friday. This is where the rush to White House it will be played until the last vote. The challenge between the president Donald Trump e Joe Biden already marks the first record, with a turnout of 67%, the highest in over a century in United States (in 2016 it was 55.8%). A fact that traditionally marks an advantage for the Democrats. According to it Us Electoral Project of the University of Florida, as well 101 million Americans have already voted beforeElection Day, of which over 65 million by post. And it will be right the unpublished volume of the cards sent during theearly voting to extend the time of the ballot. Fear of tension also complicates the election night gives Chicago a Portland, where shops and malls have barred windows and entrances in fear of looting e violence. Meanwhile, the latest poll of Cnn notes that for 34% of American voters economics is the most important issue at elections, followed with 21% by racial inequalities, returned to the fore in recent months from the death of George Floyd with the protests of the movement Black Lives Matter. Coronavirus is only third with 18%.


5.06 – Trump overtakes Biden in Pennsylvania – The president is ahead with 56.8% against 41.8% of the challenger, with 40% of the votes counted. For the final results, in the absence of a landslide victory, it will however be necessary to count all the ballots arrived by post within three days of Election day.

5.05 – Donald Trump vince in Idaho e Utah – Respectively there are 4 of 6 electoral votes.

5.01 – Biden vince la California – The victory of the democratic candidate is discounted. The state is worth 55 great voters.

4.57 – Pennsylvania and Michigan: for now only a small part of the vote has been scrutinized by mail – So far in Pennsylvania 32% of the vote has been scrutinized but only 18% of this has been cast by mail. According to CNN analysts, 45% of the total vote was expressed by post. The same for the other key state, Michigan, where 36% was scrutinized, but only 16% of this delivered by mail. It is estimated that in this state the total number of ballot papers sent by post is 55% of the total votes.

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4.55 – Joe Biden vince in New Hampshire – It is worth 4 electoral votes.

4.17 – Biden forward in Arizona – With 70% of the votes counted, Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump in Arizona, one of the ‘top battleground states’: 54.9% to 43.8%

4.12 – Trump has the advantage in Ohio – Trump has 50.8% of the votes against Joe Biden’s 47.9% while the ballot is still ongoing.

3.50 – Head to head in Ohio, overtaking in Texas – With 74% of the votes counted, Trump is now slightly ahead in Texas on Biden, 49.7% to 48.9%. In Ohio, however, with 70% of the votes counted, it is head to head: the former vice president has 49.1% of the votes, the president 49.61%.

3.41 – In Ohio and North Carolina the advantage of Joe Biden is reduced – According to the CNN projections, in the first state the democratic candidate has 50.3% of the votes against 48.4% of the outgoing president on the basis of 62% of the ballots. In North Carolina, which is worth 15 electoral votes, Biden has 50.3% against Trump’s 48.5% based on 80% of the ballots polled.

3.34 – Head to head in Wisconsin – It’s another key state in the race for the White House, between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. According to projections by the New York Times, on the basis of 8% of the ballots, the president has 49.2% of the votes, compared to 48.9% of the votes of the Democratic candidate.

3.24 – The dems maintain control of the Chamber – Democrats retain control of the House, according to projections Fox. The network predicts that Democrats could expand their majority by at least five seats.

3.18 – Biden avanti in Colorado – According to the projections of the Cnn Democratic candidate Joe Biden goes to victory in Colorado with 67.1% against 31.1% of opponent Donald Trump. In Colorado, 9 electors are up for grabs.

3.10 – Trump in testa in Michigan – The president leads 57% versus Joe Biden’s 40.4% in the key state of Michigan. It must be remembered that in this state, unlike others, the votes by mail have not been prepared for the count in advance and therefore will be counted later than the others.

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3.06 – Trump vince in Nebraska, Wyoming, Louisiana – There are 16 big voters in all.

3.03 – Joe Biden vince a New York, Colorado, New Mexico, New Jersey e Connecticut – The two states have respectively 29, 9, 5, 14 and 7 major voters.

3.01 – Donald Trump’s campaign talks about victory in Florida – The tweet comes despite the American media giving the ‘too close to call’ race, with the president ahead by 2.5 points with 91% of the ballots scrutinized. 2.41 – Trump in testa in Georgia – With 56.2% against 42.8% of Joe Biden with 23% of the ballots scrutinized.

2.35 – Donald Trump vince in Arkansas – Bill Clinton’s state has six major voters.

2.27 – Biden avanti in North Carolina – In the swing state that attributes 15 major voters, with 62% of the ballots polled Biden is ahead with 53.9% against 44.9% of the votes.

2.19 – Biden ahead in Ohio – The state is worth 18 electoral votes, Joe Biden is in the lead with 56.4% of the votes, according to the projections of the CNN on the basis of 40% of the ballots. Donald Trump is at 42.4%, Ohio is one of the key states in the race for the White House. Since the civil war he has hit 33 of the 37 American presidents. And never has a Republican president won an election without winning the “Buckeye State”.

2.13 – Trump vince in Oklahoma, Kentucky, Alabama e Mississippi

2.13 – In Texas Biden has the advantage – With 25% of the ballots scrutinized, the Democratic candidate is ahead with 56.3% against Trump’s 42.3 %-

2.04 – Joe Biden vince in Delaware, DC, Maryland e Massachusetts – Joe Biden, according to CNN projections, has won in Massachusetts (11 big voters), Maryland (10), Delaware (3) and the District of Columbia (3).

2.00 – South Carolina a Trump – President wins South Carolina and its 9 big voters, according to Associated Press projections.

1.49 – Hundreds of demonstrators in front of the White House – The White House surrounded by fences to protect it from any protests. Among them are supporters of President Donald Trump and Democratic supporters, especially activists of the Black Lives Matter movement. For now, only a few moments of tension, with the area controlled by dozens of police officers and the Secret Service.

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1.45 – Ohio incerto – According to Fox News, the situation in Ohio is too early to call, with the results of the two candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden too uncertain to predict a winner, at this early stage after the polls close. Ohio has 18 electors.

1.40 – Trump vince in West Virginia – It emerges from the New York Times screenings. The president thus wins the 5 electoral votes of the state.

1.30 – Republicans call for postponement of the vote in Nevada – Trump’s campaign and Nevada Republicans have asked a state court judge to extend the one-hour vote in 22 Las Vegas area locations, citing reports that those polling stations did not open on time Tuesday morning. . The polls are scheduled to close at 7pm local time, but officials keep them open until the last person in line has voted.

1.23 – Head to head in Florida – The projections of the Cnn, based on 36% of the vote, give Joe Biden the lead in Florida with 50.1%, followed by Donald Trump at 49%. Florida is one of the states where early voting, including those by mail, began before Election Day.

1.07 – Biden vince in Vermont e Virginia – Both states were certain for the Democrats. Vermont has 3 big voters up for grabs, 13 Virginia. Fox News screenings.

1.06 – The first polling stations in Florida close – It is one of the key states. The western region of the state will have the seats open for another hour. Polls also closed in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia and Vermont.

1.00 – The Republican National Committee moves to a secret location: security fears – The headquarters moved from downtown Washington to a secret location in the city, causing possible protests. In the capital, many buildings and shops have covered their windows with wooden panels, for fear of clashes in the streets.

00.58 – In Michigan 3 days for results – It is one of the swing states where the electoral battle is played. The result could take up to 80 hours, three days, he said Jake Rollow, spokesman for Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

00.32 – Trump vince in Kentucky e Indiana – According to the projections of New York Times the president won in the two traditionally republican states, which are worth respectively 8 and 11 electors. Four years ago Trump won in the first with a nearly 30-point lead over Hillary Clinton and in Indiana with a nearly 20-point lead.

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