US Drones Won’t Last Long in Ukraine, Kiev Now Wants F-16s


The MQ-1C Gray Eagle drone is the latest in the General Atomics line. Photo/us army

KIEV – When Washington reportedly stopped selling Gray Eagle fighter drones to Ukraine, military officials in Kiev are now asking for fighter jets like the F-15 and F-16 instead.

According to Ukrainian officials, the fighter jet has a better chance against Russian air defenses.

“Ukraine is not Afghanistan and expensive drones will be shot down,” one pilot told Foreign Policy this week.

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Retired US officers and experts such as Moscow-born Max Boot have vehemently advocated sending the Gray Eagles to Ukraine.

According to Boot, the drones are a potential “game changer” in conflict.

However, the White House has postponed plans to send four such drones to Kiev, Reuters reported last week. The US fears the drone could fall into Russian hands.

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While Ukrainian generals want to get their hands on drones, pilots prefer US fighter-bombers, according to Foreign Policy.

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