US Dollar Out of ‘Gasoline’, Rupiah Ready to Overtake!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The rupiah exchange rate against the United States (US) dollar strengthened in the middle rate of Bank Indonesia (BI). The rupiah is also still appreciated in trading spot market.

On Thursday (8/10/2020), the BI middle rate or the reference rate for the Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate / Jisdor was at IDR 14,750. Rupiah strengthened 0.23% compared to the previous day’s position.

On the spot market, the rupiah is green too. At 10:02 WIB, US $ 1 was equivalent to Rp.14,680 where the rupiah had strengthened 0.07%.

When the spot market opened, the rupiah was able to strengthen 0.14%. Along the way, the appreciation of the rupiah waned even though it had not yet finished.

In line with the rupiah, the majority of major Asian currencies also strengthened against the US dollar. So far, only the Japanese yen, South Korean won and Taiwan dollar have been observed to weaken.

Following is the development of the US dollar exchange rate against the main currencies of the Yellow Continent in spot market trading at 10:04 WIB:


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