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US Congressman Under Fire for Controversial Statement on Gaza Conflict: “Kill Them All”

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Thursday, 22 Feb 2024 20:14 IWST

Illustration. The death toll in Gaza due to Israeli aggression. (AFP/MAHMUD HAMS)

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Congressman from the right wing United States of America Andrew Ogles provided clarification regarding controversial statements regarding Israeli aggression in Gaza, Thursday (22/2).

Earlier on Wednesday (21/02), he made the statement “you should kill them all” in response to a video of child victims in Gaza.

In a written statement on his Instagram social media account, @repandyogles, Ogles stated that what he meant by “should kill them all” was referring to Hamas.

“You know, we should have killed them all. After hearing this, I think you will feel better. Everyone in Hamas,” said Ogles, who added the phrase “everyone in Hamas” in his official statement.

Suddenly, Ogles’ clarification drew further criticism in the comments column on Andy Ogles’ social media account.

One of the netizen accounts commented: “LOL What is this? You responded to his (Palestinian activist) question about mutilated children in Palestine and in fact you said ‘kill them all’ and even if you said to ‘kill all Hamas’ you still support Israel in the massacre and mutilation of children in Palestine . And what about before October 7? What about the THOUSANDS of Palestinian hostages?

Previously, a video of Andrew Ogles’ spontaneous reaction to an activist’s question about child victims in Gaza went viral until he released an official clarification.

The activist protested that the tax money paid indirectly helped bombard several victims, especially children in Gaza.

“You know, I think we should kill them all. After hearing this, I think you will feel better,” said Ogles after attending a meeting of the US House of Representatives.


Ogles also often strengthens his clarifications clearly by calling out the Democratic party and leftist media which indirectly denounced the events of October 7 by spreading false narratives.

The conflict currently occurring in Gaza is a heinous event that has been going on for a very long time, even long before the Israeli aggression on October 7 2023.

A number of officials from state institutions in the US, such as members of the Senate and the DPR, openly side with Israel’s interests.

Among them are members of the organization of politicians supporting Zionist Israel, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

One of AIPAC’s activities even collects donations for the benefit of Israeli aggression against Palestine on the organization’s website.


Watch the Video Below:

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