US CDC: Delta variant as contagious as chickenpox | Abroad

The presentation, which was acquired by The New York Times and The Washington Post, warned that the delta variant could be transmitted faster than the viruses that cause, for example, Ebola, the common cold, SARS and flu. The CDC relies on information from multiple studies.

The experts at the CDC found the new study data so worrying that they came up with a stricter mask recommendation for fully vaccinated Americans as early as this week. The health service wants them to start wearing face masks again in public indoor areas in areas with a lot of corona infections.

Concerns about vaccine effectiveness

The CDC estimates that about 35,000 of the 162 million Americans vaccinated every week develop symptoms after a corona infection. This leads to ‘communication challenges’, because public concerns can arise about the effectiveness of vaccines if vaccinated people do develop symptoms.

In de podcast ‘Uncle Joe – a look at the US’ foreign editors Thijs Wolters and Frank van Vliet argue how Donald Trump can make the pandemic work to his advantage:

Top woman Rochelle P. Walensky of the CDC stated earlier this week, according to The New York Times, that vaccinated people who do get infected have just as many virus particles in their nose and throat as unvaccinated people. Vaccinated people can also transmit the virus again.

Vaccines still protect against severe disease and hospitalization, according to research data. However, people can still develop symptoms after a vaccination if they become infected with the corona virus.

A crisis communications expert consulted by The Washington Post explained that it can make people feel “betrayed.” According to him, this is because the corona vaccines have always been presented as “miracle cures”.


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