US avoided shutdown: interim budget adopted

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US to avoid shutdown

The Temporary Financing Act will prevent most civil servants from taking unpaid leave.

The US Senate has upheld a temporary funding bill that will avoid a shutdown. About it informs CNN Thursday, September 30.

The bill will be sent to the House of Representatives for a vote today to be finally approved.

Note that the “shutdown” involves the temporary closure of the US government, sending most of the civil servants to idle time. The threat arises when Republicans and Democrats in Congress fail to agree in time on the distribution of the budget for the year, or when the President of the United States refuses to sign the bill.

As a reminder, in December 2018 “shutdown” began due to controversy President of the United States Donald Trump and the Democratic Party on the financing of the wall on the border with Mexico. Due to the government suspension, about a quarter of US federal agencies have restricted activities. Almost 800 thousand civil servants were left without wages.

It was longest shutdown in the history of the United States. The US government was shut down for a record 35 days.

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