US authorizes Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines for infants and young children

The United States Drug Agency (FDA) urgently authorized on Friday the vaccines of Pfizer y Modern against COVID-19 in infants and younger children, paving the way for the first injections, now almost certain, next week.

The vaccine Modern, in two doses, is authorized as an emergency for children between six months and five years. the of Pfizer, this time in three doses, will be between six months and 4 years. This is the last age group that had not yet received protection in USA.

The FDA also approved, at the same time, the vaccine for Modern for children and adolescents between 6 and 17 years old. Pfizer’s was already authorized for 5 years.

“Many parents, caregivers and physicians have been waiting for a vaccine for younger children, and this action will protect children as young as 6 months of age,” said Robert Califf, director of the FDAin a press release.

“As we have seen in older age groups, these vaccines for younger children will provide protection against more severe cases of COVID-19such as hospitalizations and deaths.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The CDC must now recommend these vaccines before injections can begin.

This final green light will be granted after a meeting of expert members of an advisory committee, which takes place this Friday and Saturday.

But the US government had indicated that, as soon as the FDA issued its decision, some 10 million doses could begin to be shipped in advance to the four corners of the country, and millions more in the coming weeks.

The necessary equipment for injections will also be provided.

(AFP information)


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