“US ambassador’s interview is a threat and blackmail”, says Marques Mendes – O Jornal Económico

Marques Mendes classified as “threat” and “blackmail” the interview of the United States ambassador, George Glass, to “Expresso” on Saturday. “It is a real insult, a threat and blackmail. It is unacceptable. It was no longer enough to watch Mr Trump’s barbarities from a distance, now we also have to have a mini Trump in Portugal. I should apologize ”.

The ambassador of the United States defended that Portugal has to choose between the “economic partner” USA and China, warning that choosing China on issues such as 5G can have consequences in terms of defense.

“The ambassador spoke a lot about American investment in Portugal. At the time of the troika, the Chinese invested a lot in Portugal. Americans at the same time, instead of investing, disinvested as was the case with the Lages base, ”recalled Marques Mendes.

However, the political commentator pointed out that “the Portuguese authorities also have to be very careful with Chinese investments, namely in the area of ​​telecommunications. They invest because they have an economic and financial interest, but not only that, let us not be naive, they also have political interests to expand their power ”.

Marques Mendes also addressed the question of European funds coming from Brussels and how Portugal can apply the 15 billion euros, stressing, however, that the “debate in the Assembly of the Republic was simply depressing”.

The commentator also pointed out some areas where the money could be applied. “There is a lack of a program for the rejuvenation of Public Administration. It is very aged. An early retirement program was a direction ”, also leaving the alert on the child issue.

“There is a lack of a program to combat a huge social wound that we have in Portugal, which is child poverty. If we waste this opportunity, nobody will forgive us ”, he stressed.

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