US, Amazon admits: sometimes our drivers forced to pee in bottles

04 April 2021 02:00

The accusations against the colossus founded by Jeff Bezos came from a deputy from the Democratic Party

It all stems from a tweet from Pocan: “Paying employees with $ 15 an hour does not mean that it is a cutting-edge workplace, especially if you force them to pee in plastic bottles”, he had written in fact. the dem, referring to the figure to which the Democrats in the United States would like to bring the minimum wage.

The admission and apology of Amazon “We know – admitted Amazon in a note posted on a blog – that sometimes our drivers can have problems finding the toilet due to traffic or sometimes because they drive on roads in rural areas, and this especially in the period of the pandemic when many public toilets have been closed “. A very different response from the first reaction to Pocan’s tweet in which Amazon had ironized: “Do you really think they pee in bottles? If that were the case, no one would work for us.”

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