Uric acid rises again? Lemongrass infused water is effective in relieving your uric acid

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Are you suffering from gout? Don’t worry, have a drink infused water lemongrass is effective in treating your gout.

Gout, one of the common diseases suffered by people in this country. This disease is not contagious but uric acid can affect anyone, male or female.

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Quoting from the official website of the Ministry of Health, generally gout begins to attack a person at the age of 30.

A person suffering from gout because of an increase in uric acid production in the body. Thus, uric acid accumulates and settles in the joints.

This causes a person to feel joint pain in certain parts. Generally, gout sufferers suffer from pain in the big toe.

Patients must feel uncomfortable and have difficulty doing activities when uric acid recurs.

Just so you know, gout is triggered by a number of factors, one of which is eating excessively high-purine foods.

Quoting from the site Kompas.com, some types of foods that contain high purines are offal, beef brains, cauliflower, and beef liver.

Generally, patients take prescription drugs to reduce uric acid levels. Another option, gout sufferers can also take herbal medicines to treat their ailments.

Quoting from a book entitled Favorite Variations of Effective Infused Water by Desty Ervira Puspaningtyas, S.Gz., Yunita Indah Prasetyaningrum, S.Gz, gout can also be relieved by drinking infused water will be.

Infused water lemongrass can be a solution for gout sufferers who are reluctant to take chemical drugs.

Lemongrass herbal remedy for gout

Lately, lemongrass is popular among the people. Lemongrass is believed to have many health benefits.

Just so you know, lemongrass has been famous in the world of herbal medicine for a long time. Generally, lemongrass is turned into oil and used as a topical oil to treat varicose veins and relieve stress.

Lemongrass contains geraniol, citronellol, citranelal, citral geraniol, eugenol, limonene. The content of these substances makes lemongrass an effective cholesterol-lowering drug.

In addition, lemongrass is detoxifying, which helps digestion and laxes uric acid.

To treat gout, you can process lemongrass into infused water, here are the guidelines.


  • Lemongrass 2 stems
  • Air 500 ml

You wash the lemongrass thoroughly then put it in water in a closed bottle. You put the water and lemongrass for four to five hours in the refrigerator.

After cold, you can drink infused water will be.

You should start a healthy lifestyle so that gout no longer recurs.

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