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The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Yucatan reports that February is the deadline for employers and employers to submit the Work Risk Insurance Premium Determination (DPSRT), with the aim of promote safety and favor the productivity of companies, derived from the annual review of occupational accidents.

It should be noted that this procedure must be carried out by those employers who had workers under their charge and did not change their economic activity in the year from January 1 to December 31, 2022, and if when calculating their premium, a different percentage results from the from the previous year.

However, employers are not required to present it when the calculation is equal to the previous premium, as well as newly registered companies with the Institute and that have not completed an annual period from the date of their registration.

The head of the Collection Affiliation Services Headquarters, Alejandra Victorin Contreras, explained that said procedure can be carried out via the Internet or at the windows of the corresponding IMSS Subdelegation.

The steps to present the Determination of the Occupational Risk Insurance Premium (DPSRT), through the internet, are:

Access the IMSS portal from your company (IDSE)
Enter with your e.firma or NPIE (Electronic Identification Employer Number).
Select the DAPSUA option
When your employer registration appears, attach the file with the ending DAP (it is the one you obtained when requesting to calculate the determination in the SUA program – Single Self-Determination System).
At the end, you will receive the shipping confirmation.

If you prefer to carry out this procedure in person, you only have to go to the Subdelegation that corresponds to your employer registry and bring the following documentation, original and copy:

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Formatos CLEM-22 y CLEM-22A.
Employer Identification Card (TIP)
Accreditation issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS), in case of having an Administration and Safety at Work system.
The file with the .SRT ending must also be carried on a USB memory (You can generate it in the application that is available on the IMSS website this February).
The file will be processed at the Subdelegation and they must deliver a copy of the CLEM-22 and CLEM 22-A formats with the receipt stamp.

If you require more information or guidance, you can go to the Mérida Norte Subdelegation, located at Calle 7 No. 131 por 38, Col. Pensiones or call: 9999-25-79-18; as well as, go to the Merida Sur Subdelegation at Calle 131 No. 999 by 42 Sur, Col. Serapio Rendón, where the telephone number 9999-29-35-72 is available.

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