Urgent .. death mourns the artist Yasmine Rais

The husband of the Egyptian actress, “Yasmine Rais,” director, “Hadi Al-Bagouri,” confirmed that the artist’s mother had passed away after a long struggle with illness, and the date of the funeral would be confirmed at a later time, as Hadi al-Bagouri confirmed that his wife’s mother had suffered the last period after it intensified She had the disease, which made the artist decide to apologize for any work she does in the current period and decide to stay with her mother.

He asked the fans and lovers of his wife Yasmine Rais to pray for her with patience and strength, so that she can perform the funeral ceremony for her mother’s body, which will be determined later.

Yasmine Rais apologizes for her work for the funeral of her mother

The Egyptian actress has apologized for many works in the current period due to the harsh conditions that she is going through, as she was shooting the movie “Girl of the Moon” with the artist Ahmed Malik and the artist Karim Fahmy, in the city of Dahab, and this film was directed by Hadi El-Bagouri and written by Mahmoud Zahran .

It is worth noting that Yasmine Rais had presented her latest work on one of the social platforms with the film “Al Harith” in partnership with the artist Ahmed Al-Fishawi, which is a completely new and different experience as she presented a character that was not used to presenting it before, and the film was classified as one of the horror films, where Yasmine said About her role in this film: “What motivated me for the role is that the film is inspired by real events.”

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