Urban delivery of the future: Renault Trucks UK unveils the E-Tech Master OptiModale 3 in 1

With the E-Tech Master OptiModale concept, Renault Trucks combines an electric LCV, a drone and a cargo bike for carbon-free urban delivery.

We owe this project to the British branch of the manufacturer, which has just unveiled this prototype. Based on a 3.5 t electric E-Tech Master (a range of around 130 km) and a Low Loader Luton body developed by Horton Commercials, the 3-in-1 vehicle has a Uvatek drone under its roof and a eBullitt electric cargo bike housed in a side space.

Renault Trucks Optimodale

The utility has folding shelves for storing small parcels. The electric cargo bike offers 100 kg of payload and provides up to 50 km of electric assistance. Its battery can be recharged directly in the Master. The drone that takes off from its integrated retractable helipad is intended for the urgent transport of loads weighing up to 2 kg, for example medicines. We do not yet know if the E-Tech Master OptiModale will be intended for the French market.

Renaud Chaslé

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