Urawa sends young players to train with Muangthong United

Red Devils Asia ”Urawa Red Diamonds, giant club of the J-League. Japan Send two young players to train with Muangthong United’s “Kilen Bravado” army, along with a Japanese coach.

The movement of the “Kilen swagger” Muang Thong United team, the famous Thai League football team. After shaking hands with the “Asian Red Devils” Urawa Red Diamonds, a giant soccer team in the J-League. Japan As a football partner since 2021, the two clubs have always developed football together. both on and off the pitch

Previously, the former two-time AFC Champions League champion had sent club executives to take a look at the event in Thailand. Before revealing that there are four Guilin players who have the opportunity to play in the J-League, Urawa Red Diamonds released a statement on the club’s website (www.urawa-reds.co.jp) who sent Japanese coaches, including 2 young players such as Rei Kihara, a 19-year-old offensive line, and 20-year-old defender Ryuya Fukushima, to train with Kilen’s arrogant army

Most recently, on Thursday evening, 10 November 65, Urawa Reds striker Rei Kihara, 19, had his first training session with Mario Yurovsky’s Muangthong United. led all Kileen players to welcome and train together The atmosphere is full of warmth.

As for Kihara, 19 years old and 1.81m tall, he can play in any position on the attacking line, and was named to the club’s first team last season. having officially entered the field for the first time in AFC football The 2022 Champions League group stage on 30 April 65 met Shandong Luneng Taishan, which Urawa won 5-0, where he entered as a replacement for Tomoaki Okubo in the 62nd minute of the match.

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While Fukushima has a degree as a left-back for the Japanese national team. He is under 20 and has been in the Urawa Reds first team since the 2021 season.

Image source: Muangthong United Football Club

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