Upward trend continues: 6504 new corona infections

6504 new confirmed corona infections were reported to the RIVM until 10:00 this morning. Yesterday, the RIVM reported 5,979 new infections, so the increase is 525. On average, 5203 positive tests were reported per day over the past seven days, compared to 3,324 a week earlier.

Most of the reported infections were found in Amsterdam, namely 627. Many positive tests were also counted in Rotterdam and Utrecht, 388 and 220 respectively.

Crucial weekend

The cabinet will keep a close eye on the figures for this weekend and Monday with a view to possible additional measures. Will the upward trend continue or are the previously announced measures starting to bear fruit? If the numbers don’t improve these days, the country will escape according to Prime Minister Rutte not new measures.

“You can consider closing the entire catering industry, and the theaters and all sports. I don’t know yet whether it will have to be so rude. But I want people to comply with the measures. I want people with ailments to contract. their heart or with cancer can still count on the care, “he said yesterday afternoon.

More deaths and admissions, slight decrease in IC

In addition, the RIVM received 24 reports of deceased covid patients. Yesterday, 14 more deaths were reported. In the past seven days, RIVM registered an average of 17 deaths per day, against 12 deaths per day a week earlier.

Due to backlogs at the GGD, deaths are not always immediately reported. Some deaths were therefore not last week, but were only reported to the RIVM last week. The number of reported deaths is therefore lagging behind.

There are now 1,190 corona patients in the hospital, 235 of whom are in the ICU, reports the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS). Yesterday, 1139 covid patients were still in hospital and 239 in IC.

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