Upset, TNT Explosives-Weapons Found in the Asia Afrika Building, Bandung


Police found TNT explosives until firearm bullets from a building in the Asia-Africa region. The dangerous object has now been brought by the West Java Police Gegana team.

“It was found at the TKP, that Gegana’s friends had checked, some of the TNT material had melted,” said Bandung Police Chief Kombes Aswin Sipayung as reported by detikJabar, Tuesday (7/6/2022).

“Found at the crime scene, Gegana’s friends have checked a number of live bullets which according to the results of the crime scene are still active,” he continued.

These dangerous objects were found in a building located on Jalan Asia Afrika, Bandung City. Based on these findings, the Gegana team was dispatched to carry out inspections.

Aswin added that at this time the objects had been brought by the West Java Police Gegana team. The team will analyze further, including the disposal of the object.

“This has been secured and will be taken to the Brimob Headquarters in Cikeruh and the plan is to dispose of it at the headquarters,” he said.

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