Upper Class: What are your favorite luxury and sports cars?

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In Mexico, people from upper class They are all those who earn an average of 77,975 pesos a month (it can be more), that is, they earn 2,600 pesos a day and this is equivalent to 15 times the minimum wage, set at 172.87 pesos for this 2022, according to Inegi figures. This purchasing power allows them to buy luxury vehicles and these are the favorites of this social sector.

According to data from the Mexican Association of Automotive Distributors (AMDA), In Mexico, 28,600 cars considered luxury (or high-end) were sold in 2021.which means an 8.5% drop from 2020, when 31,249 of these units were sold.

What are the favorite upper class luxury cars in Mexico?

The “Automotive Domestic Market Report” conducted by AMDA, with data collected between January and December 2021, shows what were the most purchased luxury vehicles in Mexico and how many units were sold dDuring that time; the same in the chaos of sports cars.

Best selling luxury cars in Mexico:

  1. Prius: 4 thousand 580 units.
  2. Mini – 3 thousand 044 units.
  3. Camry – 3 thousand 016 units.
  4. Chargers – 2 thousand 306 units.
  5. Q2: one thousand 1615 units.

The best-selling sports cars in Mexico:

  1. Leon: 1,784 units.
  2. MX-5: 865 units.
  3. Mustangs: 607 units.
  4. A5 Sportback: 488 units.
  5. GR Yaris: 303 units.

In the case of vehicles such as the Prius It offers one advantage: it has an electric motor like a petrol one; Also, it has a premium version, where the driver’s seat is a bucket type 8. While the Camry also has three versions, which have different equipment: LE, SE and XLE Navi.

As for the sale of sports vehicles, Only 5,276 units were sold in 2021, according to AMDA data; This meant a 7% drop from 2020, when there were down to 5,674 agency units left. Out of 100 cars sold in Mexico, only 2.8 are luxury and 0.5 sports.

Why are premium cars preferred by the upper class?

Premium cars are all that They are on the cutting edge of technology, apart from the fact that they have been made with the highest quality materials. for both the internal and external structure of the unit. Leather upholstery and even 600 HP (horsepower) engines are some of the features of these units.

Some car manufacturers such as Seat or Volkswagen have created their own premium brands, as is the case with Cupra. While other companies are considered premium or high-end due to their history or the characteristics they stamp on each of their models, such as: Alfa Romeo, Rolls Royce or Bentley.

Among the sports vehicles consumed by the upper class there are also the so-called ‘super sports’all those that have modifications to reach higher speeds and are designed for road circuits, for example: cars Pagani or Bugatti.

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