Upon receiving a negative assessment, Judge Melameda of Vidzeme Suburb Court will lose his position

Taking into account the repeated negative assessment of professional activity, Judge Una Melameda of the Vidzeme Suburb Court of the City of Riga is dismissed from office, according to the information at the disposal of the agency LETA.

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Today, the Supreme Court announced, without mentioning the identity of the person, that the Disciplinary Court has left unchanged the decision of the Judicial Qualification Board regarding the repeated negative assessment of the professional activity of a judge of the court of first instance.

Along with the decision of the Disciplinary Court, the decision of the Judicial Qualification Board of 19 June 2020 on repeated negative assessment of a judge’s professional activity has entered into force. According to the law, if a judge repeatedly receives a negative opinion, he or she is dismissed.

The decision of the disciplinary court cannot be appealed. The full decision will be available on October 20 and will also be published on the Supreme Court’s website.

LETA is aware that the judge is Melameda, a judge of the Vidzeme Suburb Court of the City of Riga.

LETA also wrote earlier this year that Disciplinary Board of Judges has decided to impose a disciplinary sanction on Melameda – a 10% reduction in monthly salary for six months. She was disciplined for delaying almost two years and nine months in processing a request for legal assistance from the Polish police. Such a disciplinary sanction was also imposed because she was more than 17 months late in sending the appeal in another case to the appellate court.

The LETA archive shows that Melameda, as a judge of the Riga City Land Registry Department, took the oath of office in 2006.

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