UPL San Andrés fears that the pedestrian crossing between the El Soto and Villabalter urbanization will not be built

The municipal group of UPL in San Andrés del Rabanedo affirms that ADIF has already begun to fence the future high-speed road in the trampo corresponding to the municipality. The party aims “more specifically in Villabalter lands.”

In September 2020, the Leonese recall that they presented a motion that was unanimously agreed by the municipal plenary session in which ADIF was urged to build a passage, either underground or elevated, at the point between the urbanization El Soto and El Paso Avenue that leads to the urban nucleus of Villabalter.

From UPL they consider essential for the residents of these homes that they have «a safe and fast pedestrian access to town from Villabalter, without forcing them to travel the three kilometers that they suppose not to have this pass enabled, an access that would shorten the route to only one of distance ».


Given the implementation of the fence by ADIF without seeing, according to the party, any construction work to carry out this access on or under the railroad tracks, UPL alerts the “Isolation that can occur if this access is not made”. “The railway line cannot continue to be a barrier for the population in San Andrés, whether in Trobajo or Villabalter” denounces Councilor Rosa María Fernández. “We are committed to the residents of this urbanization and of course we will take action if this access is not enabled as soon as possible,” says Fernández, accompanied by the UPL member, Emilio Suárez, in the Villabalter Neighborhood Board.

UPL affirms that it will insist to the San Andrés government team and ask what actions it has taken since the motion was approved and if it has received written or verbal reply by ADIF committing to carry out this work.

Asele and San Andrés intend to promote initiatives on equality


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