Update Standings for SEA Games 2022 Medals, Collect 196 Medals, Indonesia in Third Position

Standings Update Medal Earning SEA Games 2022Collects 196 Medals, Indonesia in Third Position

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Updating standings Medal Earning SEA Games 2022The Indonesian contingent is increasingly moving away from Singapore and the Philippines, as of Saturday (21/5/2022) afternoon.

On the medal standings SEA Games 2022 Vietnam meanwhile, Indonesia is still in third place.

The Garuda contingent has collected a total of 196 medals with the details of 56 gold medals, 75 silver medals and 65 bronze medals as of 17.00 WIB.

Indonesia is getting further away from Singapore, which is in fourth place in the standings with 47 gold medals, 44 gold medals and 65 bronze medals.

Meanwhile, the Philippines is in fifth position with 194 medals (45 gold, 64 silver and 85 bronze).

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Indonesian rowers gain gold in the MK4 500 canoeing number with Maizir Riyondra, Joko Adriyanto and Andri Agus Mulyana, at the Paddle Venue, Hai Phong, Vietnam, Saturday (21/5/2022). (Tribunnews/Abdul Majid)

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Indonesia added a gold medal through the women’s team blitz chess number presented by Aulia Medina Warda, Ummi Fisabilillah.

The mens team blitz chess team consisting of Susanto Megaranto and Ali Muhammad Lutfi also donated gold medals for the Red and White contingent.

Gold was presented in the rowing disciplines of the 4 men’s 500 meter kayaks and the 500 meters 4 women’s kayaks.

The women’s 4th canoe in the 200m also contributed to the gold medal, as well as the women’s 4th canoe in the 500m.

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