Update should resolve declining health status of Samsung 990 Pro

At the end of January, several forum users on both SweClockers and international forums noticed an error with Samsung’s SSD drives 990 Pro. When the devices were examined with software such as Crystal Disk Info and Samsung Magician, an alarmingly rapid decline in health status, that is, the percentage estimate of how much life is left, was shown.

► Samsung 990 Pro suffers from rapidly declining health status

In connection with it being picked up and raised in the hardware media, both internationally and locally, Samsung announced in a press release that they had begun an investigation into the problem. Now the company seems to have found a solution, according to an update in Samsung’s german support forum.

Hello everyone. We have received the following feedback from our technicians regarding this:

Samsung is currently reviewing user reports of errors related to SMART values ​​(via Samsung Magician) and/or health status (via Crystal Disk Info) for the Samsung SSD 990 Pro. Technicians have been able to reproduce the failure under certain circumstances. To fix the problem, Samsung is expected to release a firmware update in February. – David B, Samsung forum moderator (translated from German)

There, a moderator writes that they received information from the company’s technicians that under “certain circumstances” they managed to reproduce the error. A new firmwareversion is expected to arrive at the end of February to fix the problem, but exactly what is fixed is not clear. One possibility is that these are simply incorrect readings, as the affected devices do not appear to have crashed or caused any problems beyond the declining health status.

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