Update on Monkeypox Cases in the World, Ministry of Health: No Death Reports

JAKARTA, celebrities.id – Monkeypox case or monkeypox world’s attention, considering its development has spread to various countries.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, dr. Mohammad Syahril, Sp.P, MPH said that monkey pox is a self-limiting disease.

This was conveyed at the press conference on the Update on the Development of Covid-19, Acute Hepatitis and Monkeypox in Indonesia on Friday (24/6). So far, according to Syahril, there have been no reported cases of death.

“It needs to be conveyed to the public that this monkeypox grows on its own, this disease will heal on its own. Until now there have been no reported deaths from the current case, we remain calm and alert, because it is also very contagious,” said Syahril, quoted Saturday (25/6). /2022)

In his presentation, Syahril explained that it can be infected from animals to humans and from humans to humans. Where monkeypox disease is very easy to contract, such as touching the wound area (lesion).

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