Update on Kuwaiti Artist Maram Al-Balushi’s Health Condition

Update on Kuwaiti Artist Maram Al-Balushi’s Health Condition

The two sisters of the Kuwaiti artist, Maram Al-Balushi, reassured her fans of her health condition, after she suffered a health crisis, as a result of which she was transferred to intensive care.

Mai Al Balushi said that her sister’s condition has become stable according to doctors, but she is still suffering from a lung infection and needs intensive health care until the danger stage is over.

She added that visits are still prohibited by a decision from the doctor supervising her sister’s treatment, and their view of her is limited to checking on her from behind the glass wall in order to preserve her health condition. She added that her sister’s condition does not allow her to travel for treatment abroad because she is in intensive care, and if the medical system approves of her, she may continue her treatment abroad. While Hind Al-Balushi asked for prayers for her sister through her personal account on Snapchat, where she wrote: “Praise be to God until praise reaches its limit. Oh God, make my sisters happy, protect them, guard them, and be satisfied with them.”

Source: Sada newspaper.

Watch also the video: Hind Al Balushi reveals developments in her sister Maram’s health condition

The first video of Maram Al Balushi from intensive care after being admitted due to a health problem

Maram Al Balushi is ill and is admitted to intensive care

2023-09-25 16:20:49

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