up to $27.85 per beer

To follow a forced march diet, a good method is to put your luggage in the departure lounges of a New York airport. The same method is particularly effective in quitting alcohol. At restaurants in LaGuardia (one of the city’s three international airports), the price of a draft beer can reach $27.85, says The City.

“No one should pay such an exorbitant sum for a beer”, recognizes Kevin O’Toole, chairman of the Airport Authorities of New York and New Jersey, quoted by The Guardian. After the publication of a first article in the New York daily on May 13, the city’s airport authorities reacted by publishing measures to regulate prices in their airports.

As in many other airports in the country, restaurants will now have to match market prices with a maximum surcharge of 10%.

Online complaints

New York airports’ new pricing policy leaves travelers used to paying $10.90 for a plate of fries skeptical, finds The City. “The only way to have real respect for these rules is to complain loudly enough on the Internet”, reacts Cooper Lund, who stood out for posting a photo of a menu on Twitter.

“27 dollars for a beer is just icing on the cake, but that’s not the real issue. The problem is $20 beer, $18 beer, it’s all these ridiculous prices, highlights the 30-year-old from Brooklyn. And we accept these prices which are part of the airport ‘experience’.”

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