Up to 200,000 Czechs are preparing for winter holidays abroad, despite coronavirus – ČT24 – Czech Television

Regular skiers do not want to miss a trip abroad for snow this year either. Daniel Ragín has a December date scheduled for the spring. He paid for the trip just like last year and received a so-called coronavirus insurance. “If any of us are positive, we will get the whole deposit back,” says Daniel Ragín.

Most sellers offer similar insurance. Most often, travel agencies give clients various options for free withdrawal from the contract, others reduce the price of their tours, and some pay for mandatory coronavirus tests. “If our client falls ill with covid, the entire cancellation is paid by the insurance company,” says Čedok spokeswoman Eva Němečková.

Ski tours are sold the most, according to sellers, comparable to last season. “We offer hotels where it is possible to cancel a holiday two days in advance due to covid and clients will receive their money back,” says Jan Bezděk, a spokesman for the Fischer travel agency.

But skiers have to prepare for restrictions in hotels and restaurants. However, restrictions will be minimal right on the slopes. “If you go to the cabin with other clients, you have to have a veil on the way up the hill, but definitely no one will restrict you when you ski,” describes Jan Papež, vice-president of the Association of Travel Agencies.

A slight increase awaits winter trips to the sea. The best-selling trips are to Zanzibar, Thailand or the Dominican Republic. Tourists are interested in Egypt. There, they want to pay for coronavirus tests for incoming travelers.

“Interest in Egypt has increased, about 400 of our clients are heading there. At the moment, Tunisia is experiencing a complete boom, in October we have an eleven percent increase there, “says Andrea Řezníčková, a spokeswoman for the Invia travel agency.

According to the association of travel agencies, tens of thousands of people are planning to travel from the Czech Republic for exotic holidays. Roughly 150,000 want to go abroad to ski despite the coronavirus measures.


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